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BIMNYC covers the whole project lifecycle from design, fabrication, and construction to operations and maintenance in the airport projects. BIM can significantly lower costs and increase efficient collaboration and communication among the project’s staff which is vital to mega projects like airports.

Project staff of all parties can review the master model, staff comments, clashing elements, inaccuracies in the designed elements, and critical zones of construction.

Clash detection is also a critical part of the quality control process. It can prevent possible change orders during construction significantly and can prevent delays due to the clashes in construction. Any unexpected claims, time extensions, and cost overruns are also prevented by using BIM.

4D simulations can be used for higher-level staff (e.g. executive directors, VPs, etc.) to understand the most updated status of construction and the relative planning for the next stage. Thousands of construction activities can be integrated with the project’s schedule to control the progress. In the meantime, LiDAR technology can be also utilized for construction inspection and as-constructed condition verification.

BIMNYC can set up the project on an IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) method, which integrates the entire workflow including reviews, comments, submittals, inspections, BIM, project schedule and associated activity cost, schedule updates, and other customized tasks – based on client’s requirements – on one structured and integrated and dynamic platform, with customized access to the project’s staff.

On such a large site, ease of access to data and information anywhere and at any time is critical to keeping everything on track—and truly facilitating the intricate collaboration with a wide number of project owners and staff.

Another challenge in the airport projects is highly complex structures that require extra time and budget to be drafted and recorded. BIMNYC utilizes high-tech computational design and digital fabrication work-flow on similar tasks to efficiently produce required documents, and prevent redundancy during the construction process.


Nowadays, building sustainability is another challenging topic in the airport project. Along with all the above-mentioned capabilities, BIMNYC can also take sustainability and energy analysis processes into the IPD. BIM tools are a highly valuable option to substantially improve design characteristics and have available highly important information on the airport complex’s entire life cycle.


BIMNYC is completely familiar and experienced with BIM Standards and requirements of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) and the Massachusetts Port Authority (MASSPORT).

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