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BIMNYC experience in commercial, office buildings and healthcare sectors have been valued in both renovation and new construction projects. Our team of specialists has worked on various project scales from small retail to over

1 million square feet of a healthcare facility. Followings are BIMNYC previous tasks on Commercial, Office Buildings and Healthcare projects:


3D laser scanning

  • Existing condition verification (in renovation projects)

  • Construction progress monitoring

  • As-built condition verification (For visible components including above the ceiling MEPFP elements)

  • Square footage verification


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services for Architectural, Structural, MEPFP, Site, and Civil

  • Modeling of an existing condition

  • BIM for design authoring and drawing production

  • Optimized and customized modeling for Facilities Management platforms

  • Interdisciplinary coordination and clash detection

  • 4D and 5D simulations, construction operations analysis

  • Automated floor plan layout generator algorithms for open floor plans (e.g. exhibition areas)

  • IT and cloud configurations for the project team’s workforce

  • BIM Based Integrated Project Delivery (IDP) – Cost, Schedule, Spec, and Model Integration

  • Project staff training, QA/QC, and model health check

  • BIM execution and integration plan development

Architectural/Interior Design

  • Architectural design in the states of New York and New Jersey following the State/City building codes and zonings

  • Interior and customized object design

  • CAD drafting

  • Computational design

Construction Management

  • Project CPM scheduling and schedule control (P6 scheduling)

  • Cost estimation and cost control during construction

  • Risk analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation


For project samples, resumes, experiences, and references please contact


Commercial, Office buildings, and Healthcare

Other Projects
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